Q: What is HIDbulbsRus?

A: HIDbulbsRus is your expert resource for HID bulbs, serving you with almost 25 years of combined HID lighting experience. We know HID.


Q: Are ALL of our products genuine/legitimate?

A: We know the exact origins of our bulbs. They are 100% real. Because we buy most of our bulbs in bulk trays without retail packaging, our items are shipped with our own packaging unless stated otherwise.


Q: What is our return/exchange policy?

A: Due to the sensitive nature of our products, as soon as the outer box is opened the item(s) must be considered used and cannot be returned. Please make sure that you are purchasing the correct product before buying, then double check before opening the box. The best way is to remove the old bulbs from your vehicle and check the model numbers.

Unused items in unopened boxes can be returned with a 20% restocking fee. However, in the case of exchanges, this fee may be waived (partly or fully) at our discretion. Buyers are responsible to pay any shipping charges for both returns and exchanges.

In order to keep our prices low, we do not offer a very liberal return policy.


Q: Are these the same color bulbs that come in cars from the factory?

A: All of our halogen bulbs are "upgrade parts" with higher Kelvin ratings (more blue) than stock bulbs.

Cars with HIDs typically come with 4200/4300 Kelvin bulbs. Check the specs in the descriptions of our products to see if they are factory replacement parts. However, remember that aged bulbs will not output light of the exact same color as new bulbs. The bulbs color shift over their life to a higher Kelvin. This is why we recommend purchasing two bulbs rather than just one.

The only exception is our Philips Plus Edition bulbs, which were designed to color shift less than standard Philips D2S bulbs.


Q: Do HID/halogen bulbs have a shelf life?

A: HID/halogen bulbs have an "infinite" shelf life. The only thing that affects their performance is use.


Q: Are HID bulbs being sold over the internet (eBay, Amazon, and other sites) genuine or counterfeits/fakes?

A: Many if not most are fakes purchased from China in bulk for $5 to $8 each and then often sold for 10X that amount. Do not be fooled by fancy packaging, as that is by far the easiest part to duplicate. A detailed picture guide on HID legitimacy is available here.


Q: Why do some Philips part numbers end with C1 (e.g. 85122C1)?

A: C1 indicates that the product is packaged in retail packaging, which holds one bulb. C1 indicates nothing about the bulb itself, and is not even printed on the bulb.